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Corps of Discovery

SPUR Award winner.


A novel of the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1803-1806.


Tells the story of the Expedition from the viewpoints of the captains, the soldiers, the scouts, and members of some of the Indian tribes encountered during the journey from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean.

They Gathered As Unto Strife

A dramatization of the Civil War battle at Wilson's Creek, Missouri.


Told from the perspectives of 50 members of the southern forces and 50 members of the northern forces.


Includes illustrations.

Kimberling Bridge
An electromagnetic pulse attack has disabled all communications and most transportation in the American Midwest. Societal chaos has ensued. Gangs of murderous bikers raid all sources of food, gas, and other supplies in an effort to dominate what remains of humanity. William, an embittered survivor of the madness, encounters a young girl who needs his help to reach her relative many miles away.



Hit Back

Rodeo cowboy Harlan Sims and Ojibwa Indian friend Jake Pouchot try to outwit a pair of shady Wyoming lawyers and their hired assassins.


Turns out, Harlan and Jake are at the top of this syndicate's list of people to "take out." Staying one step ahead is the only way to survive until they get their chance to hit back.




A space station crew of seven witness an asteroid collision with Earth. Out of supplies, they must descend to what appears to be an utterly destroyed planet surface. They hope to find survivors with whom they can begin to rebuild a civilized community. They find a desolate world with few humans remaining, and those at the brink of extinction.



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